Code Blue Whitetail, Code Oa1002 Tarsal Gland         2oz
Code Blue Whitetail, Code Oa1002 Tarsal Gland 2oz

Code Blue Whitetail, Code Oa1002 Tarsal Gland 2oz

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When only big bucks will do, use code blue whitetail tarsal gland for a deer attractant that brings in the big boys.Tarsal glands secrete a fatty substance that deer use to identify other deer and learn their dominant status.Each bottle of whitetail tarsal gland contains an actual tarsal gland from a single deer so you can signal that a dominant buck is in the area.By dispersing this tarsal gland formula or using it to create a mock scrape, you'll have bucks thinking that their territory is being taken over by a dominant buck.The big bucks will come looking for a fight, giving you the perfect opportunity for a clear shot.Since deer tarsal glands produce the same deer scent year round, you can use this deer attractant throughout hunting season.It's especially effective during the deer rut, when bucks are particularly sensitive to territorial infringement.Each bottle of code blue deer attractant is numbered according to the unique deer that provided the scent.

Material: Liquid
Type: Buck Lure
Species: Deer
Volume: 2 oz
Quantity: 1
Dispenser Type: Liquid
Scented: Scented
Made From: Tarsal Gland

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